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100 days programme by NPC to develop Cooperative sector

Speaking at the  May Day Rally of the Cooperative workers, the Minister of Agriculture Ainkaranesan said that, the NPC is to undertake a 100-day programme to develop the Cooperative sector. Continuing his address he said that, the Cooperative Sector had declined after the war and action will be taken to put it back to its past glory. The decline of the sector started with the government announcing Open Economy Policy. Nobody can change this policy now. There is lot of unemployment problems among graduates and ex-combatants. NPC can provide a limited employment under a qualification basis. But the Coop sector is not like that. It can provide employment with more flexibility, he said.

Earlier, the well attended May Day Rally and procession of the Cooperative sector was flagged off from “Col. Kiddu Park” by the NPC CM, Justice C.V.Vickneswaran. The procession winded through the streets of the town  to Weerasingam Hall  where the May day meeting was held.