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10,000 million needed for the Development of the North : The Officers to MPs

Departmental Heads and Officers informed the MPs of the North that 10,000 million Rupees are necessary for the Development of the North mainly for Development and renovation of Roads and harbors, Break waters and stores. They have highlighted 26 such projects

This un-official development Committee  like meeting was held at the Jaffna Secretariat yesterday.

MPs, Mavai Senathyrajah, E.Saravanapavan, M.A. Sumanthiran, S.Sritharan and Mrs. Vijayakala Maheswaran  attended this meeting with the District Secretary, Departmental Heads of the Secretariat, Divisional Secretaries, and representatives of Public Organizations.

Each Head presented the vacancies in their Departments and requested to fill them. Later Development projects were discussed and it was decided to submit small scale projects could be submitted in the Parliament and the large scale projects in the Dononrs’ Meeting to be held next year.

Several people who participated in this meeting were of the opinion that it was a healthy exercise.