Tamil Diplomat

Final hearing of DMK Gen.sec K. Anbazhagan’s petition to remove SPP Bhavani Singh on Jaya’s appeal case at Karnataka HC has comes up at SC. The final hearing in this witnesses very heated arguments by Seniors advocates Anthi Arjuna and Fali  S Nariman for  six continued hours. The next hearing scheduled on the same to April 1st.

“We welcome the interim stay granted to neutrino project by Madurai bench  in the case filed by Mr. Vaiko. The stay has been granted, pending clearance by TNPCB. Though the stay is temporary, it has brought out the irregularities in the project implementation. it has already been established that the project is illegal as un-accredited agency Salim Ali foundation has done the EIA. We demand that the project should be totally scrapped -Poovulagu” said Ra Vinoth.