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10th Anniversary of the 5 students Mercilessly murdered in Trincomalee

The day was 2nd of January 2005, time is around 7’o clock. Five students, Thangathurai Sivanantha(Vanniar Road), Manoharan Rajeekar (St. Mary’s Road), Shanmugarajah Sajendran (Vidyalaya Lane), L.Rohanth(Sivan Road) and P.Hemachandran who had been selected  for University for the year 2005/2006, were talking happily near the junction leading to Koneswaram near the beach.

There was a power cut in force at the area. An auto approaches the spot.  Somebody from the auto throws explodes two hand grenades and vanished towards the Konesar Temple.

trincofuneral1Army men surround the students. They were made to lie down near Gandhi statue. They were subjected to assault by the uniformed men. Time approaches 8.10 p.m.

All 5 students were shot through their ears and mercilessly murdered. Later the defense people claimed that the boys were killed in the accidental explosion of the grenades brought by the students themselves.

The father of Rajeekar, Manoharan was near site but was not allowed to speak to his son. He was later subjected to threats for giving evidence regarding the Murders. Udalagama Commission was appointed by the Government to inquire into these murders but the report of the commission was never published.

trincofuneral2Rajeekar’s  father  Manoharan  appeared at the UN and demanded for an investigation on the murders. Nothing concrete came out of his effort.

10 years had passed. If they had been alive they would have become Doctors and Engineers. Their Lives were deliberately snuffed out. No Justice had been granted with regard to this merciless murders.