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110 Million robbed by former Governor Chandrasiri from the NPC, handed over to it

Rs. 110 Million that had been illegally acquired from Provincial Ministries by former Governor, Major General Chandrasiri, a few months before the NPC Elections had been handed over back to the NPC.

A few months before the NPC Elections were announced, the funds allocated for the nPC Ministries were transferred to the Governor’s Fund. It was accused in those days that this fund had been used for the NPC Election Propaganda of the UPFA.

After the inauguration of NPC the matter of Ministry funds being illegally transferred to Governor’s funds was examined through Public Funds Committee. The Leader of the House and the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee C.V.K. Sivagnmnam  tabled motion calling for funds be returned to the NPC.

The funds drawn from Public funds into the Governor’s Fund had been returned to the NPC.

It is notable that the NPC is gearing up to implement projects with this fund.