Saturday 25 January 2020
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High level pressure to bury Thero’s body in the Neeraviyadi Pillaiyar Temple premises

High level pressure to bury Thero’s body in the Neeraviyadi Pillaiyar Temple premises

It is understood that high level pressure is being exerted for burial of Buddhist Monk’s body within the premises of the Neeraviyadi Pillaiyar Temple in Mulaitheevu District.

Meanwhile Buddhist monk were in a hasty attempt to reach a compromise with the Temple administration and some or the other bury the Monk’s body within the Temple premises itself.

The Buddhist monk, Colombe Methalankathara Thero, who earlier had illegally constructed a vihare within the premises of the Neeraviyady Pillaiyar Temple died day before yesterday of Cancer.

His body has been brought to the said vihare excluding all protest of Hindu people and lot of members of Pothu Jana Peramuna have come and paid their respect to the dead Thero and got into arguments with the Tamil people who had gathered expecting an attempt to bury The body of the Thero within the Temple premises.High level tension is prevailing in the area.

Meanwhile high level political pressure is being exerted on the Temple administration to bury the body within the premises. Administers of the area have been ordered to exert administrative pressure so as to enable the body being buried inside the premises and this order had been unofficially conveyed to the Temple Administration. This had created much emotional upheaval among the Hindu devotees of the area.

Further the Temple administration has obtained an interim injunction on the cremation or burial of the body within the temple premises.

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