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118 Kilos Ganja captured at Chundikulam in Vadamaradchchi

Tharmapuram Police said yesterday that,  118 Kilos of Kerala Ganja unloaded on the beaches of Chundikulam in Vamaradchchi.was captured by them and suspects who were transferring the ganja and boat used for the transfer had escaped.

The Ganja was captured in Chundikulam beach in Vadamaradchchi East, Jaffna, during the early hours of Monday yesterday. The fisher who had observed some suspicious articles being unloaded from a boat and they have sped to the point. On seeing the fishermen the culprits have vanished from the spot. The fisher had informed the Tharmapuram police and they have they found 94 Kilos on the beach.

In another incident on the same day, in Chundikulam,  two motorcyclists had dropped 2 packs of Ganja on seeing the police and had fled. Police had found 24 Kilos of Ganja in the packets making the total haul 118 Kilos.

Further inquiries are made to arrest the smugglers.