Saturday 29 February 2020
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11th  Century Chinese pottery discovered in Allaippiddy

11th  Century Chinese pottery discovered in Allaippiddy

The Shanghai Museum has announced that it had discovered 900 years old Chinese pottery in Allaippiddy, Jaffna.

The Museum also has said that this shows the link between China and other countries through the Chinese silk Sea route. The Officials from the Museum had undertaken their first research in other countries in August 2018, in Jaffna.

They were engaged in widespread researches in the harbour city of Jaffna and areas around it for 40 days.

Sen Jee who led the museum official had said that the current researches were made in Allaipiddy and the ruins of Kayts Fort.

 Sen and friends had discovered more than 650 pottery pieces in a 92.4 square meter area, of which 600 are of Chinese origin. These pottery must be belonging to the latter part of 11th Century or the early 12 Century, the Museums Pottery expert Ming Hua said.

The discovered pottery consist of bowls, plates, saucers, and pots. such pottery are being manufactured  now in the Chinese Districts of Kwang Dong and Fujian , he said.

This discovery will play an important role in the researches regarding ancient Silk route, travel rout net work  and the cultural links between the two countries, said Yang

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