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124 Kgs. Ganja captured from two spots in the North yesterday: 6 arrested on suspicion

The police said yesterday that a total of 124Kgs. Kerala Ganja was captured in two raids in the North and they have arrested 6 persons on suspicion.74 kgs. were captured in seas off Karainagar and 50 Kgs were captured in Vavuniya yesterday they said.

Following a tip-off received by the STF that Ganja is being smuggled from India they had laid a tight ambush, and the smugglers without knowing about the ambush came direct it and into the hands of the ambushing STF personnel.74 kgs. of Ganja and 4 suspects were taken into custody of the STF in this operation undertaken in the early hours of yesterday.

Meanwhile, 50 kgs. of Ganja to be smuggled to Colombo from Jaffna was captured at Thandikulam in Vavuniya District during the mid night hours of day before yesterday. On a routine patrol a suspicious car was checked and check revealed the ganja hidden in the car. Two suspects were arrested in this incident.