Wednesday 12 August 2020
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12th Annual Commemoration of Assassinated TNA MP, Nadarajah Raviraj –  An appreciation

12th Annual Commemoration of Assassinated TNA MP, Nadarajah Raviraj –  An appreciation

‘Amarar ‘  Nadarasa Raviraj, who contested the elections of 2001, on behalf of TNA, was elected as an MP with unprecedented votes,  had supporters in all electorates of Jaffna District. He identified through them, the backward villages, community centres in them, Development Societies, and schools and provided them with whatever assistances possible to him. He was  a popular invitee mat School function and fulfilled any requests placed before him within short periods with de-centralized allocations  and his own money. He had even sponsored tours of school students.

He had appeared  in courts on behalf of Tamil youths arrested under PTA without fees and had got them released. Speaking through Sinhala Channels and made the Sinhala people as to why the Tamil youth are waging an armed struggle and that the Sri Lankan Government is telling lies relevant to Tamil people.

That is why he was assassinated on 10th Nov. 2006 in Colombo. His death caused the Southern people specially at Colombo, to observe Hartal against his assassination. The Tamil youth detained in the Kalutara Prison observed fasting homage to him and their message was read at the funeral of Raviraj.

His services will be unforgettable even after the passage of long, long  years.

By: K.Subramanium

Rural Development Association,
Uyarapulam,  Aanaicoddai.

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