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Only 1/3 of the allocated funds from budget received, danger of large crisis ahead, Chief Secretary

The Chief Secretary of the Northern Province, A Pathinathan said that, out of the allocation for the Northern in the budget for the current year, only 34% of the allocations have been received so far. with only 1 ½ months remaining the current year, 66% of the allocations have not been received by us up to yesterday. The Northern Provincial will encounter large scale financial crisis.

Elaborating further he said, ” 3,400 Million have been allocated as Provincial Specific fund in the current budget. But only 1,240 Million have been sent so far. The Treasury has so far not released any part of the balance 66%.

It is very difficult to get the funds from the treasury. We also have doubts as to whether the balance funds will be received. The projects under the provincial specific fund had already inaugurated. The current context is that if the funds are not receive the development projects will had to be suspended mid-way. If the funds are not received within this month, the Provincial Council will encounter difficulties in paying the December salaries of its employees.

At the same time 98% of the funds were received in 2015 which facilitated the development and other works continuing without hindrance. “