Tamil Diplomat

1300 Hectares of People’s land with Security forces in North and East

The Military announced that 1,300 hectare lands of people are still with them and that all possible lands will be released soon.

During the three years period from 2015 January to date, more than 19,000 hectare which were under the control of the Army had been released to the people without jeopardizing National Security, the Army had said.

A study that had been undertaken under the direction of the President, regarding lands that could be released had been now completed by the Army. According to the Army, the results of the study had shown that nearly 95 % of such lands had been already released to the people. Only around 5% remain to be released.

Lands  had been released to people in several areas like, Palaly, Kilinochchi, Mulaitheevu Kepapulavu and Myliddy.

It is notable that the president declared a few days ago that the handing over of people’s lands will completed before the end of the year.