Wednesday 12 August 2020
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News Bits …

News Bits …

* President, Prime Minister,  Minister of Defence and Intelligence Sector, reason for the Easter Sunday attack: Points out the Select Committee Report

* We will give pressure to the new Sri Lankan Government: US  Secretary of States.

* war Crimes accused made Army Commander, American defence relations will be reduced: Warns US

* Think of the past before voting: JVP

* President deliberately misled the Select Committee: Select committee

* Sri Lankan Judicial Sector, symbol of Defeat: Jasmin Suka

* It is during Mahindha’s regime, war was completed and Sri Lanka became land of peace: Goatabhaya

* Gota is betraying the country and the Army for his own interests: Asu Marasinghe, MP

* I will form a Government which will work busily: Gota.

* Suspects of abduction case of 11 Tamil youths campaigning for Gota: Colombo Telegraph

* Law was oppressed by Money and power: Anurakumara, JVP  Candidate.

* It is certain Gota will win. All institutions teaching radicalism will be eliminated: Rathne Thero

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