Wednesday 8 July 2020
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 News Bits….

 News Bits….

*  People should prove their strength with votes: Election Commissioner

* Voting is a Democratic Right.All people should exercise it…..Deputy Election Commissioner

* Vehicle Driver arrested with counterfeit Votes I Hambanthotta.

* Election Staff should fear no one: Election Commissioner

* Violence makers will jailed without bail: Special Notice

* CAFFA put 2200 monitors island wide for President’s Election

* Don’t Vote – a group insist it with petrol bomb in Kandy

* Results of Postal Voting before Midnight

*  15992000 Voters eligible to vote in the Presidential Election.

* 1,178 Counting stations and 371 Counting stations to count postal votes

* Police spokesman rejects all intelligence opinion pooling.

* Election Monitors of European union in the field

*  112 Complaints on Election misuse of state properties: Transparency  International

* More than 3,900 election complaints.

* All the people should cooperate for Free and Fair Election: Ranil

* Election commission spent Rs.Rs. 344/= for each voter.

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