Tamil Diplomat

In the wake of the President’s Election…

*Tamil people, please come forward to travel along with me: Call new president Gotabhaya Rajapakse.

*Gota’s declarations  in the maiden speech to people of the country: 1. I will respect the mandate of the people and ensure security. 2,. * I will work in accordance with Buddhist Doctrines. 3.  Sri Lanka will act now without bowing  to any International faction. 4. A society sans extremism, radicalism, narcotic business , underworld gangs and criminals will be created.

* Sajith to form a new Party.

* 30 members of UNP to join Mahintha.

* UNP Parliamentary group consent to the dissolution of Parliament.

* Results of the Presidential election had caused splits among the people: Anurakumara Dissanayake.

* Photographs of leaders should not be exhibited in Government offices – Gota’s first order.

* its best to hold Parliamentary election: Mahintha.

* Ruwan, Hassim and Champikka resign their posts.

* We will give our cooperation to the new president to integrate all people: Sajith Premadasa

* Share prices jacked up following Gota’s Victory.