Monday 10 August 2020
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Inclement weather – 55,000 affected in the North

Inclement weather – 55,000 affected in the North

Because of the inclement weather conditions prevailing in the country, more than 55,000 people have been affected in the Northern Province only. The water level at Iranaimadu had risen to 34.5 feet and 10 of the sluice gates at Iranamadu had been opened. Akkarayan which received the highest rain fall has recorded 238.9 mm rain.

Following the inclement weather conditions that are prevailing all over the country, and due to the continuous rain that is pouring over the North, 55,453 persons belonging to 17,062 families have been affected.

The continuous rain has caused the water levels of all Tanks to go up and inundated low lying areas submerged in flood waters.

In Jaffna District 4,298 persons belonging to 1,874 families have been affected and 198 persons belonging to 57 families are housed in welfare centres.

Flood disaster has affected 22,262 persons of 6841 families in KIlinochchi District. People have been affected in all four Divisions of Karaichchi, Kandavalai, Pachchilaippalli and Poonakary. 9,206 persons of 920 families have been housed in 21 welfare centres. 37 houses have been partly damaged.

887 persons from 263 families had been affected in Vavuniya District with 55 houses damaged partly. 466 persons from 152 families are housed in 5 welfare centres.

30,020 persons of 9,297 families were affected and 1,060 from 323 families are sheltered in 15 welfare centres.

Mannar District share of the affected amounts to 2,154 persons from 594 families of whom 1,389 persons from 80 families are housed 6 welfare centres.

As per flood reports from Baticaloa District, 22,614 persons from 6696 families are affected and 193 families are to be evacuated from Kiran.

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