Monday 25 May 2020
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Heart rendering 11th commemoration of Mulliwaikkal Genocide at Mulliwaikkal Memorial Ground and other places

Heart rendering 11th commemoration of Mulliwaikkal Genocide at Mulliwaikkal Memorial Ground and other places

The 11th Commemoration of the Mulliwaikkal Genocide was observed sentimentally at Mulliwaikkal Memorial Grounds yesterday.

Social space was maintained in view of the Corona threat and the Commemoration was held  in a way suitable to current situation.

At 10.30 a.m., Silent tributes were paid for the lost kith and kin and Main Sacrificial Flame was lighted. Parameswary who had lost her husband and two children during the final war lighted the Main Flame.

Other flames were lighted then and Mulliwaikkal declaration was read, following which floral tributes were paid, keeping the social space.

Although people including former MP, Sritharan,the Chairman of Karaichchi Pradeshiya Sabah, Velamalihithan, Vice Chairman, Thavapaalan, members Jeevarajah, Kalaivani, Jeyachithra, Eelam writer Theepachchelvan and the president of Market traders, Jesurajah were turned away by Security Forces at Nethaliyaru, theravil, Puthukkudiyiruppu and Mulliwaikkal junction check points, they travelled through inner paths and participated in the event at Mulliwaikkal.

The former CM and the General Secretary of TMK, Justice C.V.Wigneswaran was prevented from participating at the Mulliwaikkal ,Commemoration being turned away at Keratheevu Check point. His attempt to observe the commemoration at Chemmany was also prevented by a  police team led by  Jaffna Head Quarters chief Inspector in Charge, Prasath Fernando. However , after the CM leaving the site, a group former NPC member M.K.Sivajilingam and Arunthavapaln came to the site and observed the commemoration breaching the Police ban.

Army throw away the flame lighted at the Head office of Forward Tamil National Party, Jaffna.  

The memorial flame lighted for people killed in Mulliwaikkal at the Forward Tamil National Party, located at  Jaffna, was desecrated and thrown away by army men in a passing vehicle. The incident had been recorded in  a CCTV cameras.

Amidst massed police and security personnel, the Mulliwaikkal commemoration was held at the University of Jaffna.

Former NPC member and his supporters paid their tributes on the waters of Nanthikadal.

Mannar TC paid its tribute to the victims of Mulliwaikkal Genocide yesterday at 10.30 a.m, at its sitting yesterday.

The commemoration was held at Nelukkulam Karumari Amman Kovil under aegis of Thamil Virudchcham Organization,Amman Kovil administrative Board and the Hindu Priest’s Association.

Former MP T.Sitharthan and Former NPC member Kajatheeban were turned away at Eluthumadduval Check point and they observed the commemoration at the site of the Mirusuvil Massacre.

The commemoration event to be held near the statue of Mamanithar Raviraj, in front of Thenmaradchchi PS was changed to the office of former NPC member Kesavan Sayanthan, due to heavy police and military presence near the statue. several people including K.Sayanthan, The Chairperson of Chavakachcheri TC, Sivamangai,Chairman, Chavakachcheri PS,K. Vamadevan and members of TC and PS participated in the event.

International Hindu Youth Forum commemorated Mulliwaikkal genocide victims at Vavuniya Aathi vinayagar Temple.

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