Tamil Diplomat

Struggle by public at Manatkadu against granting permits to excavate sand

Public gathered yesterday to protest against granting permits to excavate sand in Manatkadu.

A few days ago people had protested against granting permits to private persons breaching the norm that preference should be given to area people in granting permits for the excavation of sand.

After the Police intervening and requesting two days time to settle the dispute the protest was suspended. On the expiry of the time sought by the police, people had gathered again and held their protest.

Following the former MP, Sumanthiran and former NPC member, S.Sugirthan held discussion with the people, and promising that a solution will be found by meeting Manatkadu RDS and Heavy Vehicles owners Association together, the protest had been suspended.

Meanwhile it was detected by the police that a total of 800 cubes of sand had been excavated on a permit for only 480 cubes. Now, the Police had ordered to stop the excavation immediately, and had warned that those who attempt to excavate sand will be arrested.