Sunday 9 August 2020
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News Bits…

News Bits…

* We are not prepared to grant the country, which Prabaharan attempted win at gun point through the writing of a pen: adamantly says Prime Minister, Mahindha Rajapakse

* We will grant the solution the Tamil people wish in our rule: Sajith Premadasa.

* No development from the day the new Government came to power, only Corona is left : Ranil Wickremasinghe .

* OMP was not formed to help Tamil people, it was formed in accordance with the agenda of the Diaspora Tamils and the International Countries: Wijayadasa Rajapakse.

* It is not easy to walk out of International Agreements: Mahindha Rajapakse.

* 2/3 Majority not needed to get out of MCC agreement: Wijitha Herath, JVP.

* Container handling in the Eastern Terminal could not be commenced due to pressure from
India: Reveals the Chairman of Harbour Authority, Rtd. Army General, Daya Ratnayake.

* State Intelligence Service did not had the obligation of sharing information with the Police: Former IGP, N.K.Ilankakoone testifies before Presidential Commission.

* Ranil prevented the arrest of a Al-Qaeda member: Wijayadasa Rajapakse.

* The faith people placed on Rajapakse Rule has disintegrated: Sinhala Buddhist organization, Hela Podu Saviya .

* In case of a second wave of Corona, the economy will be flattened to the ground: Harsha de Silva.


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