Thursday 24 September 2020
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 News bits from the south…

 News bits from the south…

* No need to devolve power to Tamil people: .Sinhala Theepa Jathika peramuna.

*If Justice Wigneswaran takes over Tamil Leadership, it will be a danger to Chauvinism , handle   carefully  Warn Sinhala intellectuals.

* The 19th amendment had violated the basic rights of the people : Mahindha Rajapakse

* No one will be allowed to cause destruction to places of worship: President Gotabhaya.

* I am not going to worry about sacking from the party:Vadivel Suresh.

* Import tax for Bombay Onions increased.

* Former Director, CID, Shany Abeyasekara Remanded.

* Situation of the Country will be worsened: GMOA Warns the Election Commission.

* Our Target is to Capture the “Temple Trees”: Mano Ganesahan

*  Law had to be implemented strictly: Secretary of Defence.

* Premadasa era should not be allowed to raise its head: Mahintha Rajapakse.

* Danger of Corona spreading , PCR tests are increased: Director of Health Services, Anil Jasinghe.


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