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 For  Benefit of Tamil Nation Deneeswaran should withdraw case against Wigneswaran, request Tamil Nationalists

Several persons including Tamil intellectuals, Tamil Nationalists and Tamil Lawyers have requested that the contempt of Court case against former CM of NPC and a current MP, Justice Wigneswaran should be withdrawn by former NPC Minister, Deneeswaran.

This case was filed by Deneeswaran against the non implementation of an Appeal court order delivered on 29.06.2018.

Although the parliamentary speech delivered by Wigneswaran recently has drawn much cririticisms and condemnations from Sinhala Hard Liners, it has been welcomed by Tamil Nationalists. If wigneswaran is found guilty in this case, he will lose his MP post and have to undergo Prison term.

Taking the current political situation in to consideration Deneeswaran should withdraw the case against CM, several Tamil Nationalist enthusiasts and Tamil Lawyers have requested.

This case is to be taken up for inquiry tomorrow , the 15th