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Cleaning activities undertaken at Kanagapuram Maveerar Thuyillumiilam- Statement obtained from Sritharan, MP

Police has recorded statement from persons including Sritharan, MP, who engaged in the cleaning  activities at the Kanagapuram Thuyilumillam yesterday.

Further, the police has given permission to continue the cleaning adhering to health procedures.

The cleaning work was undertaken at the Kanagapuram Thuyilumillam , led by MP, Sritharan.

Several persons including , former NPC Minister of Education, T. Kurukularajah, member Pasupathypillai, the Chairmen of Karaichchi and Pachilappalli Pradeshiya Sabha and party supporters participated in the cleaning activities.

While the work was in progress, a Police team including  Kilinochchi ASP and OIC  came to the spot and inquired about large number of people gathering in the context of Corona Threat. MP, Sritharan informed them that they are adhering to the Health procedures.

Thereafter the police wanted to record statements  and statements were recorded from several people including Sritharan,  details and photographs vehicle numbers etc. were recorded by the police.

Commenting  later, Sitharan said that he had written to the President about allowing the commemoration of Maveerars and that Sumanthiran had spoken about in the Parliament and that he strongly believe that the commemoration will be allowed this year like last year.

Kanakapuram Thuyilaum Illam