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17 kilos of Ganja washed ashore in Neduntheevu

Police said that 17 kilos of Ganja were washed ashore in Neduntheevu in Jaffna. On a tip-off police had gone to Ottai Panayadi, and there they have found 17 kilos of Ganja washed ashore in  a package. Nobody had been arrested. Policeis conducting inquiries.

Two arrestedwith Mawa with Ganjain Jaffna.

Jaffna Police said yesterday that they have arrested two youths on a charge of being in possession of Mawa with Ganja. Two youths from Nallur, aged19 and 25 years, were arrested with 26 grams and 28 grams at the Five junction area at 2p.m. yesterday, said the police. They also said that these youth are being under interrogation..