Monday 24 June 2019
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18 remains of children detected in the Mass grave at Sathosa premises in Mannar

18 remains of children detected in the Mass grave at Sathosa premises in Mannar

Special JMO, Chamintha Rajapakse said yesterday that 18 of the skeletal remains found up to yesterday, the 102nd day of excavations at the Mass grave in Mannar are of children and  the number of women whose remains were found here will be known after a full analysis.

Although heavy rains are prevailing in Mannar, identifying and removal of skeletons are being continued there.

The above excavations are being carried out under the supervision of Mannar Judge,T.Saravanarajah and led by the special JMO, Chamintha Rajapakse.

Announcing details of excavations up to yesterday, to the media men he commented that,  the excavations were undertaken for 102nd day, and so far 232 skeletal remains had been identified in the mass grave and 224 remains had been removed for storage. He further said that out of the 232 remains found here 18 are of children. Details of woman remains will be known only after full analysis, he said.

Elaborating further, he said that some articles of evidence such as a ring and an article resembling marble had been discovered in the mass grave. The details of the most important evidence found here, an outer cover of a Maliban biscuit packet had been sent directly to the courts and he is not aware of them, he said.

It is notable that the  ‘Tamil Diplomat’ reported about a month back that, the above biscuit packet was price marked Rs.5/=,  which placed the period of the mass grave tentatively around 1990.

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