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2 Million worth of Nets of Kaddaikadu/ Vadamaradchchi Fishermen destroyed by Indian Trawlers

The Fishermen of Kaddaikkadu-Vadamaradchchi has suffered a loss of around 2 Million rupees, by the destruction of their fishing nets by the transgressing Indian Trawlers, said Christhurasa, the President of the Kaddaikkadu St.Mary’s Fishermen Society.

Elaborating further he said, their fisher had laid their nets in the sea yesterday night and Indian Trawlers which came without lights at around 9.00 p.m., to the sea areas off Kaddaikkadu had cut and destroyed their nets causing a loss of 2Million rupees.

He also said that complaints had been made to appropriate officials

The fishermen of the area said that as they depended on fishing for their livelihood, this transgression had pushed them into dire straits economically.