Tamil Diplomat

Only 2 prisoners detained in Boosa which can hold 2,000 & Prisoners commence Fasting protest

The 2 prisoners detained in Boosa prison have commenced today (25) fasting protest condemning detaining only 2 of them in a prison which could hold 2,000 and demanding that they be transferred to Thangalle prison.

Thangarasa Wimalan and Canagarathnam Aathithan who were arrested under PTA have been detained in the prison and their cases were being conducted in the Courts. Later in 2012 they were taken to Boosa for further inquiries and only these two have been detained to date under section 15(1) of the PTA in the Boosa Prison, which can hold 2,000 prisoners.

They have announced that they are being detained without giving any reason and that going into fasting protest demanding that, they should be transferred to Thangalle prison and their case conducted thereafter.

The two political prisoners have requested the politicians and the prison officials to pay attention on the matter and take suitable action regarding the matter.