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2 years of imprisonment for Tamil Girl for scratching a name on Sigiriya wall: Mother’s pathetic appeal

A poor Batticaloa Tamil mother had put out a pathetic appeal to release her daughter, who had gone on a tour to Sigiriya, and by ignorance  had scratched her friends name on the wall in Sigiriya and had been sentenced to 2 years imprisonment by the court.

Utheny sinnathamby, a factory worker, had gone to Sigiriya with her factory mates and was arrested for scratching the name of her friend, with a hair clip, on the Sigiriya wall two weeks back, and subsequently sentenced to 2 years imprisonment on accepting her act, on 02.03.2015 by the Dambulla Magistrate.

Her mother had pathetically appealed for the release of her daughter, asking whether her ignorant daughter deserve such a big sentence.

My daughter went with her friends on a tour to Sigiriya. Seeing several names had been scratched on the wall, out of ignorance, she had scratched the name of her friend also on it. She did not know that the wall should not be scratched. Had she known that, she would never have scratched the wall. Dambulla court had sentenced her to 2 years rigorous imprisonment for an offence she had committed out of her ignorance. I never thought that this kind of thing will happen to us. I am unable to accept this verdict passed on my daughter.

I am living with what is earned by my daughter.  Selling hopper and flour is my livelihood.

I have found out several people who scratched names were released with small fines. I appeal to the government and Tamil politicians to help to release my daughter also like that.

There is nobody to help us. We took many pains to release m y daughter. As we don’t know Sinhala we could not do anything. We could not understand what they were saying. At last they have sentenced my daughter to 2years of imprisonment.

In some way or other get my daughter released. As she had done this due to ignorance, help us to get her released, granting a general amnesty to her.  I am a sickly person. If my daughter did not return home, there is no other way than dying. I beg you all to get my daughter in one way or another, she had pathetically appealed.


Photo courtesy: newtamils.com