Tamil Diplomat

200 of the 700 tanks in Vavuniya encroached by people up to the middle of the Tanks

E.Vijayakumar, Asst.  Commissioner of Department of Agrarian Services, said his department is taking action to protect the water holding lands of the tanks and improve the water resources, and his department expects the all-round support for this venture.

He was answering a question of media people regarding the erecting of boundary posts in deteriorated Tanks.

Vavuniya is one of the districts badly affected by re-occurring droughts. People had encroached up to the centre of 200 of the 700 tanks in Vavuniya. The water catchment areas of 500 were encroached by people and his department is taking stringent action to evict the encroachers and to demarcate and preserve the boundaries of Tanks so as to increase water resources of Vavuniya, he said.