Monday 6 July 2020
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Our Maiden Voyage


The Ethnic strife in Lanka over the last five decades has evolved over many stages. It has seen resistance to oppression both nonviolent and resistance, third-party involvement namely International...

Whither the Tamil Nation in India

Tamil Nation

I am compelled to write this article as the Tamil Nation is poised to become a momentous force that cannot be ignored in the Indian Political arena and as there is a need for reflection regarding the...

The Presidential Election and Tamil Nationalism


L. Vijayanathan The forthcoming Presidential Election in Sri Lanka that is to be held on the 8th of January is of unprecedented historical importance. Though it is viewed as a confrontation between...

cartoon of the day


The Sri Lanka Presidential Election- A Third Term or A Fresh Start?


President Mahinda Rajapakse’s proclamation on November 20 last year decreeing a Presidential election two years before the expiry of his second term of office has provided the voters of Sri Lanka...

Whether Mahinda or Maithri will be the next leader of Sinhala Buddhist chauvinism?


This article will be analytically discussing the ground reality to find out the answer of the question asking “whether Mahinda or Maithri will be the next leader of Sinhala Buddhist chauvinism?”...

The fundamental issues of the Tamils in Ampara District need to be resolved prior to the formation of coastal district


Translated by: Iniyavan M.T.Hasanali, Secretary General of Muslim Congress and the Member of Parliament requested the Tamils to accept and support the demand for the coastal district for Tamil...

President Rajapaksa Not Tamils In A Catch-22 Situation


The Wayamba provincial council election over 15 years ago is one the new generation would not know. It is also one election people in the North, the Vanni and the East had no interest in. But that...



Translated by : V.F.Joseph We all know that, it is an un-contradictable fact, that Art and its Aesthetics is a form of entertainment, long cherished by the human race. It is a matter for routine...

Interview with the Chairman of the Valikamam North Resettlement Committee


Translated by: Iniyavan Interview with the Chairman of the Valikamam North Resettlement Committee and the Vice chairman of Valikamam North local council Shanmugalingam Sajeevan 1. What is the plight...

Eelam Liberation Struggle: Sathiyaseelan Recalls – 01


The Tamil people’s Eelam liberation struggle, which initially commenced as a non-violent struggle, later became a violent struggle and has today evolved as a political and diplomatic struggle...

Develop our products from home and take them global -a perspective to internationalize unique products of North & East


Things have changed drastically  in the commercial world over the past years. Customers’ attitudes, values, and perceptions tend to reflect a new perspective of evolution. Hence, business...

Reconciliation after War: Thinking Beyond Solitudes


Writing in the context of Canada’s political and constitutional crisis, generated by the rise of secessionist nationalism in the French-speaking Quebec, Charles Taylor commented: The “two...

Art Therapy


Translated by: V.F.Joseph In the growth of global civilization, Art has been playing the role of a medium for exchange of information and it notable that it has been reducing mental pressures, from...

Thought Provoking Hindu Doctrine


 Translated by: V.F.Joseph The story of the birth of this creation A meeting of the Tamil Forum was organized at the home of ‘Annan’ (Elder brother) Nallathamby Sivanathan, that great poet, who...

Sri Lanka’s main Muslim party quits government, pledges to support opposition ahead of election

New Archaeological Evidence


By P. Pushparatnam Recent archaeological findings underscore the fact that the traditional history of the Sri Lankan Tamils should be reviewed. I consider that these archaeological findings and the...