Tamil Diplomat

Obama urges Myanmar to end discrimination against Rohingyas

US President Barack Obama on Monday said that Myanmar should end discrimination against the Rohingya people if it wants to succeed in its transition to a democracy.Speaking to a group of young Asians invited to the White House, Obama said the US was focused on making sure the Rohingya were relocated

His comments came as thousands of Rohingyas are adrift in the Southeast Asia seas seeking asylum and with most countries in the region rejecting their request.”I think one of the most important things is to put an end to discrimination against people because of what they look like or what their faith is. And the Rohingya have been discriminated against. And that’s part of the reason they’re fleeing,” Obama said.

Asked where he would want to be if he were a Rohingya, he said he thought he would like to stay where he was born.”I would want to stay in the land where my parents had lived, but I’d want to make sure that my government was protecting me and that people were treating me fairly,” he said.