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Storied buildings standing now on soil reddened by blood of our young children: CM, NCP

These high rise building are standing on soil reddened by the blood of our young children who were cut down like bunches with cluster bombs and shells, said the CM, NPC, Justice C.V.Wigneswaran.

He was speaking in the opening ceremony of a building at the Annai Sarathadevi Vidyalaya at Malayalapuram, Kilkinochchi. He was participating as the Chief Guest in the event.

Speaking further he said that he came around one year back on an ombudsman mission, and on that occasion the Principal of the school  gave him a pathetic and tragic information. He told me that during the 2006 – 2009 period,  around 120 children were killed by cluster bombs and shells, 200 children  had lost one or both parents and the whereabouts of 30children and not known to date.

On this soil which was reddened by blood,  shed from our young ones who were cut down with  cluster bombs and shells, this complex containing  6 classrooms measuring 150 feet by 25 feet , an office room and a store room had come up beautifully at a cost of 6.2 million rupees.

We will bring the memories of these children   to our heart and pray for their souls to rest in peace. If the  children who had gone missing are alive today, please contact principal, he said.