Tamil Diplomat

12 Indian fishermen injured in attack by Sri Lankan navy

Twelve fishermen were injured and 20 boats damaged when they were attacked allegedly by Sri Lankan naval personnel for fishing in their territorial waters.

One of the boats was sunk and the four fishermen in it jumped into another boat to save themselves, said the president of the local fishermen’s association, Sahayaraj.

He alleged that Lankan naval personnel came to the area in seven boats late on Monday night, stripped some of them and beat them with sticks and stones and also damaged the 20 boats.

The injured fishermen were treated at private clinics on their return.

All the fishermen were part of a larger group, which had put out to sea in 531 boats on Monday.

Meanwhile, NA Bose, president of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry fishermen’s association alleged that this was one of the most brutal attacks on Indian fishermen and warned that they would be forced to go on agitation if steps were not taken to stop such incidents. (PTI)