Tamil Diplomat

Army consent to release further lands to people in Valli North

The District Secretary, N.Vethanayagan announced yesterday that the Army had consented to release further areas in Valli North for the use of people.

The 150 meter road leading from Santhai junction, The cemetery road on the road from Atchuvely to Vasavilan junction, Ottakapulam RCTM School and the balance of the 60-house scheme land owned by the National Housing Authority in Varuthalaivilan are to be released soon.

In 1990 people of the Valli North were displaced. Later re-settlement was undertaken in stages until 2012, when suddenly 6,384 acre were declared HSZ and acquired permanently for the security forces. Although various demonstrations were held by the owners during the previous regime not a piece of land was released. on the contrary, the security in the HSZ was strengthened and several houses inside the Zone were demolished  by the Army.

Although around 1,000 acre were released after the regime change, several public buildings and roads were continued to be kept under control of the Army, which impeded the complete  resettlement even in the released areas. Following the visit by Minister of Re-settlement, Swaminatan and TNA MPs to the released areas and the requests made by the people and people’s representatives to release more areas, the Army had made this announcement.

It is also notable that Army had now allowed the offering of special Poojas in 07 temples inside the HSZ.