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After a long lapse, harvest begins in Elephant Pass Saltern

Harvesting began yesterday at the Elephant Pass saltern yesterday after a long lapse of time. Additional Secretary of Kilinochchi District Sathiyaseelan, and Divisional Secretary, Kandawalai, Muhunthan,participated in this event , harvested salt and laid the foundation stone for the Office.

Elephant Pass salter was commissioned before 1937 for the first time. The saltern got damaged in 1990 due to war. It was re-commissioned in 2004, but was damaged completely in 2008.

The construction work of the salter was commenced during the period of the last Government at a cost of  100 million. Buildings and stores were renovated at a cost of 25 million rupees.

Although around 50,000 MT salt was harvested in the past, only 8,000 MT could be harvested this time, it was learnt. It was also learnt the around 650 employees worked here in the past, but currently only 31 are working.