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Peace of people disturbed by Quarrying of Army, at Komarasan kulam and Jesupuram

The Army is engaged in stone quarrying close to residences of people at Komarasankulam and Jesupuram in Vavuniya South Pradeshiya sabai. As they illegally using explosives to blast stones, huge exploding noises are heard in the area and blasted stones sometimes fell on the roofs of homes. This noise and falling stones are frightening the people living close to Army quarry.

The army use civilians and heavy machineries and vehicles like Compressor, Backhoe, Tipper etc. take away the stones and sell them at Rs.8,000/= to 10,000/= per load of gravel and Rs.13,500/=per load of granite stones.

65 families ar now living at Jesupuram and 10 families are living close to the quarry. They all are frightened by the noise and falling stones. Recently a small boy standing near water pipe narrowly escaped death under a falling stone.

Although, this was informed to the District Secretariat through the Grama Officer no action had been taken, the people accuse.

The Secretary to the Vavuniya South PS, Suganthy Kishore when contacted said, the army requested for their infra structure construction, and hand been granted 6 months contract to mine stones. Two more months are left in the contract. However the army had promised to stop quarrying if a request is made in writing. If the people give their complaint in writing I will get the Army out the next day.

But the big question is that, why the Army is selling stones meant for their infra structure Construction?