Wednesday 13 November 2019
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Sri Lanka gets into more debt even without any new projects


Sri Lanka is not burdened with a total debt of US$ 69.7 billion, which is 75 percent of its GDP, and yet the island nation is getting into more debt. Under President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime...

NPC Deputy Chairman Antony Jeganathan passes away


The Deputy Chairman of the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) Antony Jeganathan has died following an accident in the Mulliyaweli area this morning. It is reported that the accident occurred when his...

Some Tamil Politicians hand in glove with southern chauvinists against Wigneswaran


As per the reports from the local media in Jaffna, some Tamil politicians are intriguing with the Sinhala racist chauvinists, behind the screen to depose the Chief Minister of NPC, C.V.Wigneswaran....

Several Banks established in the North are not helpful to the public, says Mawai Senathyrasa


TNA  MP, and ITAK Leader, Mawai Senathyrasa has said that several banks which have taken root in the North are not helpful to the public. He was speaking at the Annual General Meeting of the State...

Buddhist Hard-liners hold a Demonstration against Northern CM in Vavuniya


A protest rally against the Northern CM was held in Vavuniya, yesterday, by  Buddhist Hard-liners, saying that he had instigated racism. Hundreds of Sinhala people from Bogaswewa, a  border village...

Jaffna girl breaks national record in Pole Vault


J. Anitha who contested in the 42nd  National Track and Field Sports Festival in the Pole Vault event representing the North captured the Gold, and breaking her own record of  3.35 M set up in the...