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Time has riped for global Tamils rally together to form a Global Alliance : CM, NPC

While saying that a Tamil Global Alliance should be formed by Global Tamils, the CM, NPC, C.V.Wigneswaran also said that, the time has come to form that organization. The Farmers Day was celebrated yesterday at Kopay Christian College.

The CM was participating in this event and said further that, Thai Pongal which is a festival to honour the farmers and the bulls that help in farming. The days when Thai Pongal was considered the festival of a single religion had gone and it had evolved into a festival which unites the whole Tamil race to celebrate it together.

It is my wish that the global Tamils should unite based on Thai pongal and that a Global Alliance be formed. Without caste, religious and class difference our people should raise their voice sans borders, and tell the world of our problems, he said.