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Pilakkudiyiruppu people into 20th Day of struggle: Motherland brethren join the struggle

In a context where the non-violent struggle of Pilakkudiyiruppu stretching into the 3rd week, the number of faction in Motherland, expressing their moral support directly at the spot and from outside is ever increasing. The people are continuing their struggle refusing to accept any empty promises and time extensions.

The people of Pilakudiyiruppu, after being disappointed over many un-fulfilled promises, ventured into the current continuous struggle,  demanding the release of their lands occupied by the Air Force. Various factions expressed their support right from the start of the struggle. This support started increasing on a daily basis.

* Around 100 members of the Federation of Palmyrah and Coconut Development Unions mad a direct visit to the spot yesterday and supported the struggle.

* “ NaamThamizhar Cultural  Society of Sinnawathai in Batticaloa also visited the protesters yesterday and they cooked and shared the lunch with the protesting people.

* The Eastern University Students who visited the spot day before yesterday stayed with the protesters left yesterday.

The people have bowed that they will not give up their struggle until they set foot on their own lands


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