Tamil Diplomat

First victory to non-violent struggle-Paravipanchan lands released by the Army

Paravipanchan people scored the first victory in the non-violent struggles regarding the release of lands. The Army which was occupying their lands left the lands yesterday with the people immediately going into occupation of their respective lands, thereby concluding their non-violent struggle they had continued from the 20th of this month. Army had also removed the fences they have erected. People of Paravipanchan went to their home for the first time after 2008, and engaged happily in cleaning their houses and premises.

The land vacated by the Army will be handed over officially to the Kilinochchi District Secretary on Monday, the 27th. Thereafter they will be handed over to the owners.

During the past several promises were given by the politicians and officials, but, not a single one of them was fulfilled and we consider the this release a victory to our non-violent struggle said the happy people of Paravipanchan.

27 families whose lands 9.5 acre in extent were not released by the Army had held several struggles earlier and subsequently abandoned them following promises by Officials, and politicians, which were never fulfilled. Finally people started their struggle on 20th bowing not to budge until they set foot on their own lands. They were supported by politicians, civil societies and traders.

The people who are engaged in similar struggles at Putrhukudiyiruppu and Kepapilavu expressed their happiness over the release of Paravipanchan  and their optimism that their struggle also will be similarly successful.