Sunday 5 July 2020
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Tharjini fought hard for Sri Lanka to beat Malaysia in Asian Cup Netball Championship


Sri Lanka playing against Malaysia in the 11th Asian Cup Netball Championships, had beat Malaysia in thriller victory of 62: 59. The scoring went on like 13:15, 19:12, 48:42 and 62:59. Although the...

Red Onion seeds production successful in Vavuniya

Red Onion

The production of red onion seed has been successfully carried out at the Agricultural Training Centre in Vavuniya. An experimental plot in extent of 300 m2 was planted  on 26.06.2019 and...

Minorities should struggle against new Election process, says the former Eastern CM, Naseer


Former Eastern Provincial Council Chief Minister Naseer Ahamed said that, if Faiser Mustapa try to bring in the new election process, the minorities should come forward to siege the Parliament. It is...

People stop Secret attempt to construct Buddhist Temple in Mulaitheevu/ Kurunthoor Malaiin with ancient Hindu Temple


A secret attempt to install a Buddha’s Statue in the Mulaitheevu/ Kurunthoor Malai which consists of an ancient Hindu Temple had been beaten off by the Tamil people of the area. Twelve persons...

Sumanthiran need not take classes on Federal System rebuke Siththarththan


PLOT, one of the constituent parties of TNA has rebuked Sumanthiran for his statement, “The constituent parties of TNA are ignorant of Federal System. In a media interview Sitharththan has said...

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Sumanthiran and Federal (1)

TNA made a mistake in putting Wigneswaran in the post: Says the CM’s ‘student’ Sumanthiran


The TNA spokesman and MP, M.A.Sumanthiran said that the mistake made by the Leadership of TNA was to put Wigneswaran in the CM post. At end of the Meeting for the Public Funds, Sumanthiran answered...

Houses needed for 27,000 families resettled in Jaffna, says Addl. Govt. Agent ,Muraleetharan


The Additional Government Agent (Land) , Jaffna, Muraleetharan said that, houses are needed for 27,000 families that have resettled in Jaffna. The meeting of the Parliament Group on Public Funds was...

Agriculture of Tamil Farmers devastated by Elephants brought from south


The farmers of Mulaitheevu accused that the agriculture and assets of the Tamil farmers of Mulaitheevu are being devastated by Elephants deliberately brought from South and dropped here. The...

Media threatened by people hiding behind privileges, Press Club condemns burning of News paper


It is an act of bullying Media, to burn Newspaper copies using goons instead of countering opinions with opinion, and sharing it in the public space,  the Jaffna Press Club had condemned. A group of...

Saloons conducted by Army affect our livelihood, Kilinochchi Saloon owners express concern


Vavuniya District Saloon owners Society  expressed concern over their livelihood being affected by Army-run Saloons. The press release issued by the Society says that the Army is operating saloons...

Sumanthiran’s “we don’t want Federal Sign Board” not acceptable, says the constituent parties of TNA


We cannot accept the opinions of Sumanthiran which are of a nature diverting TNA. Our Stance is only Federal System. Sumanthiran’s opinion shows out a tendency of supporting the Government,...

Sumanthiran conditioning Tamil for a constitution containing nothing, rebuke Suresh Premachchandran


The Statement, ‘we don’t want Federal system’ is a revelation of the stage by stage expression of what is in the new constitution by Sumanthiran, said Suresh Premachandran, Leader of the EPRLF....

Two girls from Jaffna, Tharjini and Ezhilenthini join the National Net Ball team


Two players from Jaffna, Tharjini Sivalingam and Ezhilenthini Sethukavalar have inducted into the 12-member National Net Ball team for the Asian Netball Championship series. The 11th Asian Netball...

No Sinhala Colonization in Mulaitheevu, says Sumanthiran


Sinhalese people were colonized in Mulaitheevu and Vavuniya Districts during the  Mahindha Regime. No colonization was undertaken during the Good Governance Government. However, it is true that...

Is the statement ‘We don’t want Federal system” is a personal opinion of Sumanthiran, TNA should clarify, says CM


The NPC CM, C.V.Wigneswaran has demanded that the TNA should clarify whether the “ We don’t want Federal Solution” is a personal opinion of Sumanthiran or of the TNA? The CM said so while...

Sri Lanka’s Sports Minister Nephew Arrested In Australia For ISIS Connection

Image processed by CodeCarvings Piczard ### FREE Community Edition ### on 2018-08-31 07:19:33Z |  |

  Nilar Nizamdeen Mohamed Kamer, A PhD student working at the University of NSW has been arrested by police after a notebook allegedly containing terrorist ideology inspired by Islamic State was...

I am ready to take over the Leadership in Tamil National Politics, says CM, C.V.Wigneswaran


While announcing that he is ready to take over the Leadership of Tamil National Politics, CM, C.V.Wigneswaran  has also emphasized not have any doubt about it. He also has said that the TPC and the...

We don’t want Federal Solution, says Sumanthiran in Galle


We are not demanding Separate State now. Hence there is no need for the country to be split. We also don’t want Federal Solution also.  The TNA which has said for a long time that amendments be...

Schools under Army control to be released in 2 weeks, Sentry posts being removed, says Sugirthan


Vali North Pradeshiya Saba chairman Sugirthan said that there are still seven schools under the Army control in Valikamam North. Elaborating further he said that, Myliddy Kalaimakal...

Governor secretly planning to open Vihares, after the term of current PC ends, says CM


Secret attempts are being made to open Buddhist Vihares in the North after the term of office of the current Provincial Council comes to an end and all powers will go into the hands of the Governor,...