Wednesday 5 August 2020
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Selvam Adaikalanathan to file libel suit against Sivasakthy Anananthan claiming damages of 150 Crore

selvam adaikkalanathan

A libel suit claiming damages of 150 crores will be filed against Sivaskthy Ananthan, MP, said Selvam Adaikalanathan  MP. He said this while commenting on a statement by Sivasakthy Ananthan that he...

Two Northern Teams in the pre-quarter-finals round of the FA Cup Tournament


The rounds of matches among the 16 teams in the pre-quarter finals rounds  of the Sri Lanka Foot Ball Federation Cup has commenced. Matches were conducted among 600 teams all over Sri Lanka by...

Buddha statue installed with Army security in Nayaru contravening court order


A Buddah statue has been suddenly installed in the spot where the Neeraviyadi Pillaiyar Temple was located earlier in Nayaru, Semmalai , with Army protection. Area people said that the statue was...

TNA to support Ranil in accordance with the wishes of the majority of its MPs: Decision will be announced  soon


It was learnt reliably from TNA Circles, TNA will side with Ranil in solving the current political crisis. This is the stance of the majority of TNA Mps, the same sources said. A source not willing...

TNA  MP,   Viyalendran jumps onto Mahindha’s Waggon: Sworn as State Minister for Eastern Development


TNA MP, Viyalendran changed side and has been sworn in as the State Minister for Eastern Development. The TNA MP, Viyalendran had returned from a trip abroad in the early hours  of yesterday, had...

Manachchadchchiyin  Vali ( The way of the Conscience) wins 11 National Awards.


The drama  “Manachchadchchiyin  Vali ( The way of the Conscience)” staged by the students of  Drama and Theatre operating from Ilavai,  representing the Central Cultural centre of the...

15,000 youth unemployed in Kilinochchi


District Secretariat circles said that there are around 15,000 un-employed youth in Kilinochchi District. more youths are found unemployed in all four Divisions  of the Kilinochchi District....

News Bits

News bits

President decided to convene the Parliament on 5th: Mahindha Rajapakse. Democracy will be established in the Country: Ranil Wickremasinghe. The new Government will rehabilitate former LTTE members:...

Homage paid to Students Union Leader, shot dead by Army


The 10th Annual Commemoration of the president of the Arts Faculty Student Union, Sellaththurai Purushothaman, who served in that capacity during the crisis years of 2006, 2007 was commemorated at...

Ministry of Defence to ban Maveerar Day observations


In the context of political change has occurred, the Ministry of Defence is to ban the Maveerar Day Observations, the information from the Ministry Circle said. After the Good Governance Government...

Sri Lanka’s Chronic Instability is an Investment Risk: Long-term Financial Security Calls for a Fresh Start

lorenzo photograph

By Lorenzo Fiorito President Sirisena’s recent appointment of predecessor Mahinda Rajapakse as Prime Minister, deposing Prime Minister Wickremesinghe, has plunged the country into constitutional...

Sampanthan ready to vacate, the Post of Leader of the Opposition


In the midst of the current  political crisis prevailing in the country, the TNA is ready to forgo the Post of Leader of the Opposition. TNA spokesman M.A.Sumanthiran has said so in answer to the...

Divisional Secretaries who came to Governor’s Meeting on release of lands sans required Data


The Meeting relevant to land release  was held  day before yesterday at the District Secretariat, with the participation of the Governor, Northern Province. The matter of people’s lands under...

Courts allows the sending Mannar Mass Grave remains to Florida for Analysis


The excavations at the Mannar Sathosa Mass Grave was continued for the 98th day, despite heavy rains prevailing in the area. The skeletons are continued to be identified and removed for storage....

Is the fence around Thileepan Memorial legal? Police seek advice from Attorney General


The Senior police Superintendent of Jaffna Police has sought instructions from the Attorney General whether the fence erected around Thileepan’s Memorial in Nallur had been legally...