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Action taken to release results of examinations in two months- Delaying lecturers to lose assessment payments

The VC of the University of Jaffna, Prof. Sri Satkunarajah  has introduced a new procedure to ensure that, the results of the examinations of the undergraduates of Jaffna University be released in due time.

Following the Department of Audit bringing to the notice of the VC regarding the convocations getting delayed and consequently, students finding it difficult to obtain employment, the VC has announced to the Deans of the Faculties a strict procedure for assessment of answer scripts. The VC had instructed that deadlines be determined for assessment of answer scripts, second assessment, approval of Departmental Heads, approval of Deans of the Faculties and handing over of the assessment to the Examination branch, while preparing the question papers.

He also informed the Deans that the payment for the lecturers who fail to complete the assessment in due time will be cancelled and fines imposed on them.

It is notable that several factions had complained about the results being not released in due time, delays of convocation and it is expected that the new procedures will remedy these complaints.