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Chunnakam Police ban November festival of Lamps- Later allows it on intervention by Politicians

Chunnakam police OIC yesterday went directly to temples in Chunnakm police area and warned the administrations that the Karthikai Vilakeedu Festival (November festival of Lamps) should not be held.

In the context of Chunnakam police going to Inuvil Kanthasamy temple and Mallakam Chalampai Murugan Temple and warning the festival should not be held the administrators and Tamil politicians intervened and the Police later allowed the Karthikai vilakeedu.

Meanwhile a Science Faculty student Mahaiya Tharsikan, who lighted Karthikai vilakku in front of the entrance to University was arrested by Kopay Police and released yesterday. However, the police instructed the students to light the lamps in the student hostels.