Tamil Diplomat

All lands under Army use in Jaffna District have to be released, the DDC make a decision

A unanimous resolution has been adopted in the DDC meeting held at the Jaffna district Secretariat yesterday.

Expressing their opinion, on the lands under the control of the Army, TNA MP, Sritharan and  TNPF MPs, Gajendrakumar and Selvarasa Kajendran insisted that a resolution in this regard should be adopted in the DDC for the release of the Lands.

Co-Chairs Ankajan Ramanathan accepted the proposal but said the lands of the people should be identified and request had to be made to release them

Thereafter MP, Sritharan insisted that the lands of people under Army, Navy and Air Force should be released.

A resolution was passed to this effect and it was decided to send copies to relevant persons.