Saturday 11 July 2020
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Where is the 210 Million sent through ITAK, its Women’s Front queries

Where is the 210 Million sent through ITAK, its Women’s Front queries

The Secretary of the Ilankai Tamil Arasuk Kadchchi women’s Front, Wimaleswary Sri Kantharuban queried yesterday as to what happened to the Rs. 210Million sent by Diaspora Organization through ITAK, to alleviate Tamil people in North and East affected by Micro Loan problem.

She raised this question at the media meeting held at Jaffna Press Club yesterday.

Elaborating further she said that due to the micro loan problems several families had committed suicide as a family. Woman led families are worst affected by micro loan problems.  To alleviate this problems Diaspora Organizations had collected and sent through ITAK rs.210 Million. This was revealed by one Kugathasan at the ITAK Women’s Front meeting held at Trincomalee.

However no details had been made public about the usage of this money. No families had received any aid from this fund. Questions had been raised by the Treasurer of ITAK at the Central Committee meeting and he had said that this amount had not been included in the account statements of the party.

In this context the Spokesman of the Party, M.A.Sumanthiran had said that he brought this money from abroad. He had not given any details as to what happened to this money.

In this context the Women have vowed that they will exert pressure hold inquiry to find out what happened to this money.

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