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220 Kilos Ganja in transit to Colombo from Kurunagar, Jaffna captured in Puttalam

Ganja smuggling attempt made from Jaffna to Colombo was defeated by Puttalam Police. The police had arrested two from Mannar who were transporting Ganja and two Hybrid cars in which Ganja was transported and person alleged to the recipient of the ganja.Police had captured 220 kilo ganja and the Hybrid car.

Puttalam traffic police were on a routine patrol two hybrid cars had passed through Thaliyawela in Puttalam area. Police had stoped one, checked its documents and when the driver got into the ca police had noticed big parcels on the back seat asked the driver what is in the parcels. The driver had pulled off the car at high speed. Police gave chase and arrested the drivers  and captured the cars and ganja.