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225 houses to be built in lands released in Vali-North says District Secretary, Jaffna

The Government is taking speedy action to construct 225 houses in the lands released in Vali North, said the District Secretary Jaffna, N,Vethanayagam.

A meeting on providing house to people resettled in lands released by Security Forces in Vali North was held SFHQ – Palaly yesterday.

Commenting on the meeting the District Secretary said that land acquisitions were done in 1950 and in 1985. Some of them had received payments but several had not got it. It was discussed about paying the compensations to others. There is a possibility some more lands under the control of the Army within this year. Especially, discussion were held about the problems of the people in transit camps and about providing housing to who have settled in lands released by the Forces.

Already 100 houses have been constructed and another 33 is in the process of construction. Building of 225 houses for the people also was discussed. 251 people were identified as landless and 130 had identified lands for them and action will be taken to purchase the above lands and provide it to the people, he said.

Additional secretaries to Ministries of Defence,and Lands, The Commander of SF-Jaffna, Mahes senanayake, District Secretary, Jaffna N.Vethanayagan,Additional Governm,ent Agent, S.muraleetharan, Divisional Secretaries of Thellipalai, Uduvi, Kopay, and Point Pedro, Superintendent of Surveys, and Valuation officer participated in this meeting.