Tamil Diplomat

238 acre to be released during the visit of the President to Jaffna

It is understood that 238 acre land will be released when the president make a visit to Jaffna, next month.

Earlier the president was scheduled to visit Jaffna on January 4th to participate in several events. However at the last moment, his visit was cancelled.

He will be visiting Jaffna on the 4th of March to participate in the events scheduled for January 4th.

During his visit 238 acre in Mampirai Mangollai in Kankesanthurai West will be released for the use of people. The lands hitherto not released in Valuwarpuram also will be released during this visit.

Further, the houses built in Palaly with the funds from the Ministry of resettlement also will be handed over during this visit.

The President also will participate in a tree planting campaign in the Jaffna Esplanade and in the Opening ceremony of ” Tell the state Leader”  office in the Governors Secretariat.