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24,000 Families affected by drought in the peninsula : District Secretary, Jaffna

24,000 families were affected by the 30% of the cultivation being destroyed by the prolonging drought, the District Secretary, N. Vethanayagan has informed the Disaster Management Centre.

Due to the current drought prevailing in the North 30% of the Paddy Cultivation and subsidiary crops have been destroyed. If the drought will persist 100% of the crops will be destroyed. An environment is prevailing where this destruction could not be prevented. 73,000 have been identified as cultivators of paddy and subsidiary crops. In a context where their products are subjected to destruction these families are seriously affected.

As per details received up to date following is a schedule of affected families.

Divisional Secretariat area No. of families affected,
Velanai 940
Kayts 482
Karainagar 701
Nallur 348
Kopay 1,242
Chankanai 8,200
Chandilipay 5,838
Uduvil 427
Thellipalai 1,213
Chavakachcheri 1,420
Karaveddy 2,830
Point Pedro 255
Maruthankerny 430

 If the drought persists more families will be affected, he had informed.