Tamil Diplomat

News Bits…

*Power devolution is not the demand of Tamil People:  Racists forced it in…..JVP Leader. 

* No party will get even simple majority…….Susil Premajayantha,UPFA Gen. Secy. 

* I have with me 92 files with corruption of Mahindha Government: Anurakumara. 

* Watarakka Vijitha Thero attacked. 

* Chandrika is a dud coin: Mahindha. 

* It will be a full victory, only if we win with UNP: Mano Ganesan.  

*Government will not give protection  to war criminals: Dr.Rajitha Senaratne. 

* Elect only suitable persons to Parliament: President. 

* No conflict with Gota, staying away because of frustration: Basil Rajapakse. 

* Corruption also in the construction of Defense Head Quarters: Dr.Rajitha Senaratne.